About Winnie

Winnie is a mother, a friend, a colleague, a professional business woman, money psychologist (not a shrink), a Sowetan columnist, personal finance TV personality and an internationally trained children’s money coach. She studied at various educational institutions such as The University of Witwatersrand, GIMT, Wharton Business School, and at Harvard Business School in Boston USA.

Winnie has more than 30 years of high productivity experience in business. 18 years of which have been spent in supervision and management of other resources including people. She has carved her own successful career working for large Corporations both locally and internationally. She’s been there, done that and got many T-shirts and considers it all good but not all as important.

What Winnie wants above all things, is for you to listen to her counsel because:

  • She has been around for a while and knows exactly what she is talking about. In fact, when it comes to money, no one speaks its powerful language like she does.
  • She has extensive practical financial management experience
  • She knows and understands what it feels like to be in debt and desperate
  • She has a reputation of being the most trusted money lady and has helped many people to transform their lives by getting rid of debt or just managing their money better
  • She has no hidden agendas – what you see is what you get – you get plain truth (which is not nice sometimes) and a genuine desire to see people’s lives change for the better
  • She is debt-free and is enjoying peace of mind every day.

Debt Free Dream

The Dream

Are you planning to debt till death? Debt-free is better. Start the journey now.

Debt Free Dream

What I do?

I want to teach and inspire you to shift your mindset about money so you can be debt free and take your life back.

Debt Free Dream

From Winnie

Winnie Kunene is a Sowetan columnist, Co-host BDTV and Soweto TV Money show.