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Be careful: Debt can bring trouble in your life

It is said that some prisons don’t require bars to keep people locked inside. Debt is one of those invisible prisons. All it takes for you to be in it is the perception that you belong there. The more debt that you acquire, the bigger, wider and heavier the chains...

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What to do if she earns more than you

You’re dating a lovely woman and things are starting to get serious. She’s in a good job and you suspect that she earns a little more than you do… Then, last week, when she was paying for a new dress, she flashed that platinum credit card. You knew that you were...

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Don’t spend a fortune on that wedding

Weddings are wonderful – two people who love each other, coming together to make their love for each other official in front of their friends and loved ones, and making a commitment to creating a future together. What’s not to celebrate? Yes, a wedding should be about...

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Your 2017 debt detox

I don’t have to tell you that debt brings with it a heavy burden that includes not only financial problems but emotional burdens, psychological and physical stress, family problems and a diminished ability to enjoy life. I have seen and heard of the worst things that...

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