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Don’t let your in-laws be your financial undoing

It’s a big decision to kiss single life goodbye and commit to your loved one. Most of us go into marriage assuming there will be good times ahead – otherwise why would we do it? We don’t give much thought to the bad times, and all the other times in between – we’re...

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What my father taught me about money

I do not come from an affluent family. My parents were not highly educated people, but my father was wise in the ways of the world and I was his student. The lessons that he taught me from when I was a little girl have made it possible for me to establish myself...

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You need to plan for death

Every year at Easter time, the Arrive Alive campaign reminds us how precious and fragile life really is. We watch the road death toll climb over the holiday weekend, and feel thankful that we are spared and deeply sympathetic towards those families who have lost loved...

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Money can’t buy love

William is a young, fun-loving guy. When he came to see me, he was 29 years old, with a decent job in IT that earned him R20 000 a month. He was single, but helped his ex-girlfriend with school fees and medical aid for their eight-year-old daughter. He is a very...

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Teach our kids to be entrepreneurs

School is supposed to prepare our children for everything that happens afterwards. But there is something broken in a system that places so much focus on achieving a university entrance and then proceeding on a professional career path, but does little to prepare them...

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