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We need to talk about the cost of funerals

I was invited to the funeral of a friend’s mother. You have never seen so many roses in your life, the church was filled with them. And when we went to the wake, there was a seating arrangement, linen tablecloths and a three-course meal prepared by a catering company...

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Look after yourself before your parents

As a money therapist, I see a lot of people who are struggling to make ends meet. One of the main reasons that my “patients” struggle is that they have taken out too much debt so that they can send money home to support their parents. I understand how families...

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8 behaviours that get you in debt

Debt is a modern form of slavery. If you owe money to someone else, your time belongs to them, and you are not working for yourself or your own financial gain. Many people view debt as a means to an end or a necessary evil, but in fact debt is holding you back and...

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Cash goes where it is treated well

Every rand you spend is R1 less in your pocket SHOW me how you use your money and I will tell you if you will have more money in your life or not. It goes without saying that making money, spending money and thinking about money takes up a substantial portion of...

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