The Dream

Questions for you

  • How many years have you been working?
  • Do you have to show for all the years of your hard work?
  • Are you not tired of bills, hard work and even more bills?
  • Are you perhaps planning to live this debt life until you die? If not, kuyoze kube nini (until when)?
  • Don’t you think you should have been a millionaire by now? Or is it going to be a “one day is one day” thing?

Imagine your life without debt. No garnishees, no judgments or black listings. You have a clean credit record, your house is fully paid for, you can afford to send your children to decent schools for better education, feed them nutritious meals every day and have peace of mind!

My dream is to see you achieve that! I believe you can achieve that dream for you and your family.

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Time is running out but never too late to start.