What I Do

Let me set the record straight.

I am not a financial adviser/consultant to give you advice on what financial products you need in order for you to be financially secure. I do not do direct selling or multilevel marketing. I am not a debt collector, neither am I an attorney to put you under administration. I am also not an investment analyst to analyze your portfolio of investments. In fact, I have no cookin’ clue how the stock market works because there are experts for that. So, relax.

My job is simple

Firstly, I run workshops for corporates; churches, School Governing Bodies (SGB’s) and stokvel clubs in order educate and inspire people to take their money seriously.

Secondly, I show groups of people or individuals how to get out of debt and stay out of it.

Thirdly, when you are finally ready to take yourself and your money seriously, I show you where to start, what to start with, and how to reach your financial goals and enjoy a good life.

Here’s the thing: My presence in your life must show results. There must be value added in your life not value taken away i.e. your bank balance must change, your life must change in a positive way and you must be filled with new hope in your heart. If this doesn’t happen, then I have no business being in your life. Get it?

This is the reason why many people call me a “Money Psychologist” because everything I talk about makes common sense. It’s simple to understand.